Thursday, June 11, 2009

Technology versus Humanity

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In the current technology age, it seems that our researching capabilities have been impeded by our societal morals. Stem Cell Research being a major issue, but I'm also referring to things such as artificial intelligence...and not just the Honda robot walking up and down the stairs.

I'm referring to artificial intelligence. As in, the entity actually has a semblance of a mind, a series of processes allowing it to develop skill sets and learn. The human mind, while I am one of the believers in that we have a lot of untapped potential in our bodies, is limited. As previously mentioned, I think were it not for the "technology" era, then our minds would be more effective in general. However, I stray from my point.

Memory can be altered by time and perception, leaving facts that fade to myths and vica versa. The rate of learning is slowed as we age, at the times when we have the desire and monetary funding to learn what we wish. Engrained in our heads are stereotypes, beliefs, and methods that are debilitating to decision making, and we refuse to accept differently. We are, in an odd sense, backwards. As we get older, our ability to adapt and change diminishes, yet our words are more respected by our peers. Our beliefs become rigid, and the newcomers to this age develop much of the same beliefs. The intellectuals of today's generations were the outcasts of their own, refusing to accept the "truths" impressed upon them.

However...artificial intelligence, a computer, shares none of these flaws. A machine driven by constant progression and learning would allow another revolution in terms of science. A mind that doesn't need to sleep, can make physics calculations in a matter of microseconds, and, best of all, learn from these experiences is absolutely amazing - and quite terrifying. If such a thing were to exist, would we have a need for scientists and researchers? Once in existence, not even development of the artificla intelligence would need to be done. The machine would, in a sense, develop itself further.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this, merely trying to get ideas out of my head. But, a question I must it worth it? Is research, technology, worth the sacrifice we might have to make in the end? I will follow this through with thoughts on emotions inside artificial intelligence, self preservation, etc - but for now, I believe it's time for sleep.

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